What is depression?

What Do You Know About Antidepressants?

What Do You Know About Antidepressants?It is not a secret, that nowadays exist a great number of various antidepressants, and many of them are widely promoted. But are these medicines so safe and useful? Can we do without them?

As a rule, antidepressants are prescribed in case of depression. But not all kinds of depressions must be cured with the help of such tablets.

Still, we should differentiate between small stresses and serious depressions, though their symptoms are quite alike. Furthermore, even a simple stress can be physical or emotional, or even both. To tell the truth there are various mood problems like Seasonal Affective Disorder and Premenstrual Syndrome. Don’t forget about depressions connected with certain situations.

According to the researchers, in case of soft depressions or temporary stresses all antidepressants are simply good for nothing. You can even replace them with a placebo (there was such an experiment, when one group of patients were taking real pills and the other received placebo.) Besides, it is very important for an ill people to take all the medicines voluntary for the best and effective results.

Specialists also recommend to go in for sport or at least to do some physical exercises. Normal physical activity can help to solve small problems with stresses and soft depressions! Walk more, don’t forget about morning exercises, walk your pet regularly – all these things will help a lot. Special endorphins or “happy hormones” are produced while we are exercising. So we advise you to go in for sport in order to stabilize your mood! Exercises are much more useful than antidepressants.

Actually, such pills as antidepressants are not recommended as a proper treatment in cases of soft depressions. No wonder, that most medicine manufacturers keep it in secret. Usually, antidepressants should be taken for about half a year (while mild depressions don’t last so much). So, before going to the drugstore consult some other specialists, especially if you have doubts.

There remains an interesting question: why so many doctors continue to prescribe these pills, if they have so many drawbacks and side-effects. Moreover, antidepressants are also prescribed in the following cases: when patients suffer from insomnia, menopause, headache, premenstrual syndrome and so on.