What is depression?

How To Cure Depression?

How To Cure Depression?Like any other illness, a depression needs the proper treatment. The first step here is to understand this problem and to learn more about it: the reasons, factors, symptoms and the ways out. It will be necessary for both – parents and their children. Very often parents, whose children have depression, feel guilty, but it’s not always right. Moreover there are cases when depression touches not one, but some members of the family.

Usually, even when the child talks to the specialist he feels much better. The kind of consultation you choose, depends first of all on how old is your kid. For younger kids it is preferable to use therapy in the form of a game, while teenager better percepts conversations and cognitive treatment. The main task of the therapist is to replace unpleasant thoughts of the children with positive ones.

We do not always recommend taking tablets. Quite often (on the first stages) it’s possible to do without medicine. But if your case is rather serious, specialists should combine consultations together with antidepressants. There are cases, when depressed children are even hospitalized.

Still, not everything depends on the therapist, a lot you should do for your child yourself! To cure the depression control your child’s meals, make him go in for sport and sleep enough. Keep an eye on the process of taking tablets timely and regularly. There are cases when children abuse antidepressants.

Always find time for your kid: communicate with him, listen to his problems attentively. Check his mood and pay attention at the feelings and emotions. Don’t forget to show children you care and understanding. Assure the kid that he’ll feel better and will become happy and active again. He should realize that problems are just temporary.

In many cases physicians prescribe various antidepressants and we should know everything about these pills.

On the one hand, these tablets help depressed teens and kids very often, but they also have negative sides. If your child is to take these pills control him attentively. The thing is that antidepressants are often used in case of suicides, especially at the beginning of treatment. Learn the main signs of overdose (de bene esse). Become alerted if the kid talks and thinks about death, gives away his private things and behaves very strange.

When the kid feels better, don’t stop taken antidepressants all of a sudden, the doctor will help to do it slowly and correctly, in order not to damage the health.