What is depression?

Teenagers Often Suffer From Depressions

Teenagers Often Suffer From DepressionsDepression is not a problem, which happens only to grown-ups. Unfortunately, our kids and teenagers suffer from this serious problem with mood too. Depressed children aren’t happy or joyous. Sure, it is quite normal to be sad sometimes, or in cases, when something bad took place in the child’s life. The difference is how long your child stays in a bad mood. If it lasts for a month or even several weeks you should become alerted.

According to a sad statistics, 3% of the kids and 9% of teenagers have got longtime depressions.

But at the same time, these children are not treated in a proper way. Sometimes, parents and teachers aren’t able to differentiate between usual bad mood and the first signs of depression. The point is that symptoms of teens’ and grown-ups’ depression are rather different.

That’s why we recommend all the parents to know the main things about children’s depressions, the first signs, proper attitude and treatment. If you guess that you deal with depression consult the physician at once. Help your child immediately, don’t wait for worsening.

  • Here we show the main symptoms:

    When your child is sad, unhappy, irritable and tired very often.
  • Doesn’t enjoy the activities he or she did with pleasure earlier.
  • At the same time, children suffering from depressions can gain or lose their weight.
  • Have sleep disturbance. Don’t sleep enough time.
  • Be alerted when your child looks guilty or anxious rather often.
  • It is difficult for them to concentrate on something, to think or do lessons.
  • When children talk much about death and so on.

Usually parents don’t notice the 1st signs of depression, because they mix them with temporary problems in the life of a child.

Actually, the symptoms also depend on the children’s age.

If he or she is rather small, the child can be dull, inert, doesn’t show a lot of emotions. They sleep bad and very often don’t want to eat.

Kids who study in the primary school often suffer from stomach- and headaches. Such children don’t want to meet with friends, do not take part in the favorite activities. If the depression is rather serious, teens may have even various hallucinations.

There are also depressed children who eat and sleep more than they did before. Everything depends on the depression stage too. So, the sooner you see the first signs and consult the right specialist, the sooner your child will be healthy and happy again.